Eaten by Men (2010)


Exam performance at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, performed in january-february 2010.

Based on ideas from as far back as 1985, directing duo Carina Reich + Bogdan Szyber worked with our class on the different aspects of group dynamics. It became a very physical and psychologically challenging performance, both for the performers and the audience. A twisted mime/dance theatre piece inspired by Orwell´s ”The Animal Farm” and Michael Hanekes ”Funny Games” with a touch of Hitler Jugend and Marcell Marceau.

Concept/direction: Carina Reich + Bogdan Szyber
Sound design: Siiri Eriksson
Set design: Martin Christensen
Light design: Norunn Standal
Costume: Bente Rolandsdotter
Performers: André Kaliff, Tobias Andersson, Camilla Monsén, Katarina Rodopoulos, Isabell Skarby Hay, Thea Skallevold.
Singers: Emil Arvidsson and Karin Skoog.

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