I’m Gonna Miss the Birds (2009)


Movement based imagery in black, with far to much seriousness, inspired by the aestethics of David Lynch, Leonardo da Vinci and the possibilities of using fake beards…

A solo project developed during spring and summer 2009 at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and performed at the Departure festival in september 2009.

In this project my aim was to investigate how far I could take the concept of visual theatre – before it would be considered as purely image installation. I wanted to make every part (the actor, the dancer, the set design, the music, the light) equal. Not to make me as the performer more important than anything else. I wanted to create a full artpiece, free from any genre, so that the audience hopefully would experience something new and comfortable confusing.

Concept, direction, choreography, set design, sound design, light design: André Kaliff
Performed by: André Kaliff, Myra Neander

Watch the trailer:

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